Sunroom additions are growing in popularity for many homeowners because of their potential to add home value, provide variable living space options and become a transitional lounging and entertainment area suitable for any occasion or season. Before beginning work on a new sunroom for your home, it’s important to understand the amount of time it takes to build a sunroom. Beginning your sunroom construction project early will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh, new space in time for pleasant spring and summer weather.

How Long Will It Take to Install a New Sunroom?

The amount of time to build a new sunroom for your home is typically quick — with completion times ranging from two to four weeks — but there are several factors that determine how long you’ll have to wait before being able to relax in your new living space. During a sunroom construction project, this two- to four-week timespan includes setting the foundation, framing and assembling the structure, securing the roofing, installing doors and windows, and adding updated features like electricity or heating.

Not all sunrooms are designed and installed the same way. At PAsunrooms, we create custom solutions to fit our clients’ specifications and ensure they get the most enjoyment and use from their new sunroom addition.

How long will it take to install a new sunroom

The amount of time it will require to build a sunroom often depends on the following factors:

Company Availability

Due to the timeframe when most homeowners want to use their sunrooms — between spring and early fall — many sunroom installation companies have low availability during these peak times. To ensure your sunroom is completed when you expect, try scheduling your installation in late fall or winter, when companies have greater availability to begin your project sooner rather than later.

It’s important to start calling for availability early so that you won’t have to scramble at the last minute. Getting a head start on the search or scheduling during off times will ease some of the stress on your shoulders and allow for a more manageable construction process.

Site Preparation

Before beginning construction, the installation team needs to check that the foundation is sturdy and, if needed, take the necessary steps to solidify the area. This step typically takes only one or two days and includes excavating the site, leveling it and then pouring cement footings or a foundation. If the structure is poor, more time will be needed to tear out the existing site and create a new one.

While site preparation may not be a step you think of as one of the most important, it’s essential to ensure you have a strong foundation before you build. With the confidence that your sunroom is stable, you’ll have confidence that you won’t have issues in the future regarding the most fundamental part of your sunroom — the ground it’s built on.

Along with stabilizing the foundation, you’ll want to double-check for any laws or regulations in your city that may affect the construction of your sunroom. Making sure you meet these guidelines will allow you to build without worrying about any fines later on. 

Deck Building

Most new sunrooms are built on a deck structure, and building the deck takes about three or four days. However, if you’re placing your sunroom on a concrete slab, then the installation crew will skip this step.

Building a deck is a process that will certainly add some length to your sunroom timeline. It’s also is a valuable way to add some aesthetic and personalization to your home, creating a whole new way to connect to the outside world and engage with natural light. 

Constructing the Roof and Walls

On average, putting together the walls and roof of your new sunroom addition will take about four to six days. The sunroom installers begin by placing the flooring down and then adding tie-ins to connect the structure to the side of your home. The frame of your sunroom will then be assembled and the roof will be placed over the walls. Finally, the window panels and doors will be installed into the frame of the sunroom. For custom-built sunrooms, construction will likely take a few extra days if the design is more complex.

Size, complexity and overall design are all factors that can affect the duration of a sunroom project. If you’re looking for an easy build that can go up quickly, a more simple design might suit your tastes. However, a customized, elegant design is worth the wait and will give you a special kind of satisfaction and control over the feel of your sunroom.


Inclement weather can delay construction. Something as simple as a rainstorm could cause construction to pause, especially during crucial stages such as laying cement or building a new deck. These interruptions are part of the building process, however, and any delays that come up are small issues well worth the wait for a beautiful, dynamic sunroom.

Finishing Touches

With the structure of your sunroom now assembled, the installation team can begin adding those extra features you opted for, like electricity or a functional heating and cooling system. While completing these finishing touches will take an additional two days, the added comfort of having consistent temperatures, ceiling fans, LED lighting or a television hookup will be well worth the wait.

You can use a sunroom in a variety of ways, so your finishing touches will reflect the unique final design you’re looking for. A few awesome ideas include:

    • Indoor spa: A sunroom is a great way to create your own tranquil getaway, complete with massage chairs, decorative plants and speakers to play soothing music. If you really want to take your sunroom to the next level, you could even install a hot tub!
    • Bar: Turn your sunroom into a full-on entertainment room and install a bar, TV and furniture. The sunroom will become your new favorite place to hang out with friends in a unique spot.
    • Kitchen: You could even turn your sunroom into a kitchen area. Either make the sunroom an extension of your current kitchen or just move your appliances to the new addition and enjoy your morning breakfast in the glow of natural sunlight.

We always strive to build your sunroom efficiently, sometimes additional time is needed to ensure a quality result. Inclement weather, permitting, home inspections and approvals can often delay when a home improvement project can be completed. Despite any unexpected delays, a new sunroom for your home is less time-consuming and more enjoyable than a traditional home addition project.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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