Sunroom room additions can be a great way to get extra space and add natural light to your home. But they aren’t suitable for everybody. If you have a beautiful patio already and aren’t quite ready to take the leap to a full sunroom, a great patio enclosure can be just what you need.

PAsunrooms installs porch enclosures in Harrisburg, Lancaster and throughout Central PA that give you many of the advantages of sunrooms without the commitment.

Why Choose a Patio Enclosure?

There are many reasons why patio enclosures are a great first step for enjoying sunroom-style comfort in your home. PAsunrooms can give you a wide range of styles to choose from so you can build on to your existing patio to create a beautiful custom design you and your family are sure to love. And when you’re ready, you can upgrade to a full sunroom for a complete sunroom experience.

PAsunrooms can either install walls under your existing patio roof, or we can convert your existing screen enclosure into a livable sunroom by removing the screens and installing beautiful new glass walls. These options are great ways to gain the livability of a sunroom while building onto your existing structure. This allows you to enjoy your patio in comfort in just about any weather.

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