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You have endless choices when it comes to your new sunroom. At PAsunrooms, we’re proud to carry products from Four Seasons Sunrooms. One of its greatest strengths is that you have many ways to customize them and make sure the sunroom you end up with is truly your own. It should be a perfect fit for you, your family, and your home.

One of the decisions you’ll have to make is the type of roof you will have for your sunroom. Some people enjoy the elegance and dramatic light play of the Cathedral roof while others prefer the simplicity of the straight eave roof and still others prefer the graceful symmetry of a curved roof.

Another important decision you will need to make is whether you want a sunroom with a solid roof or a glass roof. At PAsunrooms, we are happy to install solid roof sunrooms in Harrisburg and throughout the region, and many homeowners prefer a solid roof sunroom addition.

Aluminum cathedral sunroom with skylight
Straight Roof Sunroom

Straight Solid Roof Sunrooms

A glass sunroom or patio enclosure brings the outdoors in, all year long simplicity and subtlety make the straight lines of our classic glass sunroom a seamless addition to your home. Our patio enclosure models include traditional and contemporary designs, with finished aluminum exteriors and interiors, and even natural wood interior beams in some styles.

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Aluminum Cathedral Sunroom

Cathedral Solid Roof Sunrooms

Graceful design that watches the bottom line — no wonder this model has been a Four Seasons Sunrooms favorite for almost three decades! With curved glass sunrooms or patio rooms you can enjoy natural light, top-notch energy efficiency, superior security, and a look that blends beautifully with your home’s existing lines.

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Pros & Cons of Solid Sunroom Installation in PA

If you’re not sure which type of sunroom is right for you, here are some of the pros and cons of a solid roof sunroom installation:

Sunroom Solid Roof Pros:

  • Cost: Solid roof sunrooms tend to be a little more affordable than glass roof sunrooms because the very high quality, double-thickness, energy-efficient glass that goes into a glass roof sunroom is more expensive than solid roofing material.
  • Cohesiveness: The other parts of your home have a solid roof, so you may prefer a sunroof installation with a solid roof to give your home an overall more cohesive look.
  • Protection: While our glass roof sunrooms do provide protection all around, just like a solid roof sunroom, you may not want to have light and heat shining down on you from directly above. Even with glare reduction and insulated glass, some people would rather avoid the overhead sun effect.

Sunroom Solid Roof Cons:

  • Consistency: A sunroom made entirely of glass has an internal consistency that you may find is broken abruptly by the presence of a solid roof.
  • Less Light: Many people love sunrooms for their abundance of sunlight. With a solid roof installation, sunshine can only enter through the sides of the structure.
  • Material: Since your solid roof will not be made of glass, you will need to decide on the material for your solid roof. Popular choices are aluminum, which is sleek and sturdy, vinyl, which is economical, efficient and low-maintenance, or wood, which provides a strong and natural look.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you want a solid roof installed on your sunroom, don’t worry. That’s what we are here for. Call PAsunrooms at 717-564-2244 toll-free or fill out our online form to schedule a free in-home consultation for your new sunroom. We’ll send an expert directly to your home in Central PA to assess your sunroom needs and go over the pros and cons of a solid roof sunroom in more detail.

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