Tips to Keep a Sunroom Warm

A sunroom can be a beautiful feature in a home, plus a great way to escape the chaos of the rest of the house and enjoy the sun and outdoors without actually subjecting yourself to the outside. For most of the year, temperature control may not be an issue with your sunroom, but if your sunroom is freezing in winter, you have a bit of a problem. Keeping a sunroom at a comfortable temperature may seem like a challenge, but there are many ways to heat your sunroom in the winter.
Tips for keeping your sunroom warm dur

Best Ways for Heating a Sunroom in Winter

The best ways to heat a sunroom depends on the type of sunroom you have:

Sunroom Home Additions Temperature Control

These are home additions that behave much like patio enclosures or separate sunrooms. These home additions are different from sunrooms in that they are an actual extension of your home, rather than a separate room. The good news is that this means you can probably control the temperature inside by just turning up the heat in your home, as these additions should receive heat from your regular HVAC system. The bad news is that extending your home in this way can be much more costly than building a separate sunroom.

Keeping a Three Season Sunroom Warm in the Winter

These types of sunrooms can be the most challenging to heat during the winter months, which is why they are called three season sunrooms. These rooms will get cold in the winter, so if you want to use it during these months, you will have to take temperature control measures. One thing you might want to consider is installing a ductless mini-split heating system, which is a heating system that is easy to control and requires no extra ductwork. Ductless mini-split heating systems are like air conditioners, except they produce hot air instead of cold air.

If installing a new heating system seems too expensive or extensive, you might try putting in a space heater to keep your sunroom at a comfortable temperature. You can also make your three season sunroom less cold in the winter by putting insulated glass in the windows. Double pane glass with an air gap in between the panes can insulate the room and help stop hot air from escaping. Surrounding the windows with weather stripping can also help keep your sunroom warm in the winter.

Conservatory sunroom decorated for Christmas

Maintaining a Warm Temperature With a Four Season Sunroom

Even with these measures, a three season sunroom will be a challenge to enjoy when it gets frigid during the winter months. Fortunately, four season sunrooms are available. These rooms are designed for temperature control so that you can use them year round. Four Seasons sunrooms from PAsunrooms come complete with CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ windows. These are windows with robust and energy-efficient glass that features heavy insulation for minimal heat transfer. This miraculous insulated glass is also designed to allow sunlight inside, without letting heat escape.

If you feel that you will be using your sunroom only occasionally at the beginning or end of winter, or if it does not get that cold in your area, a three season sunroom with standard insulation and heating options may be sufficient. If you want to enjoy your sunroom all year, however, you should strongly consider a four season sunroom.

We hope these tips help you to not have a sunroom that is freezing in the winter! For more information about great Four Seasons Sunrooms & Windows sunroom in Central PA from PAsunrooms, contact us today.
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