If you work from home and need a beautiful, practical space for taking meetings and getting work done, PAsunrooms can customize a sunroom just for you. Your sunroom will be a productive addition to your space and can elevate the value of your home. Best of all, it can make working from home the best part of your day.

Using a Sunroom as an Office

If you’ve been looking for extra space in your home to get work done, there are many reasons to choose a sunroom home office. It offers:

  • Great lighting: A sunroom is brighter than any room with windows, so you enjoy natural sunlight all day long. You can enjoy the natural, crisp brightness of daylight, which perfectly illuminates your work. If you get your sunroom from PAsunrooms, you get an additional feature unique to us — PAsunrooms glass reflects UV rays, so it’s easier to look at a screen in our sunroom than in many rooms with normal glass on the windows. Looking at a computer means less glare with a PAsunrooms sunroom office.
  • Privacy: Sunrooms offer a barrier to protect your privacy, so you can enjoy the natural world of the outdoors while also working privately. Sunrooms are also an excellent alternative to working from home. By designing and building a sunroom for your office, you enjoy a separate workspace with a door you can close for privacy. In some cases, having a separate office space for work can even make claiming your sunroom as a deduction an option.
  • Comfort: Sunroom offices offer you the option of working in your own home but in a separate space. You can easily access all the comforts of home, just steps away, but still have an attractive, professional workspace for your working hours. In addition, sunrooms from PAsunrooms are designed for comfort. They let you enjoy your view while blocking out UV rays, insects and the elements. You can easily adjust the temperature to your ideal levels in energy-efficient sunrooms and stay comfortable and focused working all day long.
  • Flexibility: Sunroom offices are very versatile. You can use them to write, design and even hold virtual or in-person meetings with clients. From casual workdays to professional-looking presentations, sunrooms can handle practically any work-from-home task. In addition, when you work with PAsunrooms, our design team can personalize your sunroom office to meet your specific professional needs.

Why Choose PAsunrooms?

PAsunrooms is a family-owned business offering full-service sunroom support. Whether you want to build a new sunroom or need help renovating or repairing an existing sunroom, you can count on our professional, courteous team. We have helped many homeowners create stunning, practical and efficient home offices full of sunshine and beauty. View our service range today and see if we service your area!

PAsunrooms is proud to serve the entire South Central Pennsylvania area. If you’re ready to create a stunning home office sunroom, contact PAsunrooms today for a free consultation or visit us in person to speak with one of our staff members!


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