If you’re an avid birdwatcher or looking to start a new hobby, a sunroom can help. You can birdwatch from inside your home with the help of your new sunroom addition. This room’s large windows will allow you to catch a glimpse of all the birds who enjoy your backyard without leaving the comfort of your house.

Why Your Sunroom Is the Perfect Spot for Birdwatching

Your sunroom is an excellent area to birdwatch. Its location, design and style make it suitable for birdwatching in most seasons, allowing you to capture the magic of birds year-round. Some advantages of using your sunroom for this hobby include:

Front Row Seats for Nature

Since sunrooms often have glass walls and roofs or large windows, there are ample places for you to gaze from. All that glass gives you stunning views into the action outside, whether birds are pecking around your backyard or diving between tree branches.

Easy to Spot Birds in Any Weather

If you consider central PA birdwatching as something to do during the warmer months, think again. With a sunroom, you can extend this thrilling experience. Since this room is directly attached to your home, it stays warm and comfortable throughout early spring, late fall and winter.

This room addition is also helpful during the warm months. Whether it’s a hot and muggy summer day or a drizzly spring afternoon, you can still do some sunroom birdwatching. Sit on your couch or a comfortable chair, grab your binoculars, wear whatever you want and enjoy!

A list  of popular bird species in Central PA

Popular Bird Species You Can Spot While Birdwatching Indoors

You will be able to watch a wide variety of birds from your central Pennsylvania sunroom. Common bird sightings include:

Blue Jays

Blue jays are popular in the eastern portion of the United States. You can spot these birds year-round, as they do not migrate for the winter. Blue jays are similar in size to American robins. Their identifying features include:

  • Fluffy and large-crested head
  • Large legs
  • Big tail
  • Long black bill
  • Blue, white and black feathers

If you live near woodlands or smaller towns, you will likely see blue jays.

Northern Cardinals

Northern cardinals are another popular bird found in the area and, like blue jays, are seen throughout the year. These birds are on the smaller side, but they have plump bodies. Other defining features of these cardinals include:

  • Long and full tail
  • Short, cone-shaped, pink-colored beak
  • Red body feathers
  • Black face

Female northern cardinals are more of a grayish color, but they still have hints of red in their wings and tails.

Mourning Doves

Mourning doves are the most common backyard birds within the continental United States. You can catch a sighting of these doves at any time of year. They are about 12 inches long from bill tip to tail tip. Other features include:

  • Long and pointed tail
  • Short and thin beak
  • Pale brownish-pink body
  • Darker wings and tail

These birds enjoy perching on wires and fences.

Barn Swallows

Barn swallows are common in central PA throughout the warmer months and leave during the winter. They are similar in size to a house finch, though they have longer tails. You can identify them by looking for:

  • Short neck and long body
  • Forked tail with long outer feathers
  • Short and wide beak
  • Glossy and dark purplish-blue back with pinkish-orange belly

Barn swallows are commonly found near farmlands.

Downy Woodpeckers

These small woodpeckers are a common backyard sight and remain in Pennsylvania all year. Downy woodpeckers are stocky, with bigger heads and short tails. Other characteristics include:

  • Chisel-shaped beak
  • Black and white stripes on the head
  • Black wings with white spots
  • Solid black back
  • Male woodpeckers have small red spots on the back of their heads

Deciduous and willow trees often attract downy woodpeckers.

Black-Capped Chickadees

Black-capped chickadees are another common bird found in yards. These small birds stick around all year in most of the state, excluding the southeast. Black-capped chickadees have several defining features, including:

  • Rounded body and head
  • Long tail with rounded tip
  • Short and straight bill
  • Gray back and light brownish-yellow belly
  • Black cap and bib

These birds are common near mixed or deciduous forests.

Birdwatching Supplies to Help You Get Started

Birdwatching is a simple hobby that requires only a few supplies. All you need are binoculars and a field guide — or a book of bird species to help with identification. Optional items you can use when birdwatching include:

  • Camera
  • Bird feeders
  • Smartphone apps
  • Journal

Once you gather your desired items, you can set up a station in your sunroom. Whether you want to take pictures through the glass or acquaint yourself with the local bird population, you can conveniently do so from this room.

Start Birdwatching From Home With a New Sunroom

Your sunroom is a wonderful place to birdwatch, but it also offers many other benefits. Sunrooms can double as breakfast nooks, entertainment spaces, offices and libraries — the choice is ultimately yours.

At PAsunrooms, we are prepared to help you get the sunroom you’ve always wanted. Contact us today or visit one of our design centers to set up a free at-home design consultation!


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