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Transitioning Screened-in Porch to a New Sunroom

Pennsylvania’s environment features diverse, pleasing climates and scenery that homeowners can expect to enjoy year-round, and any enclosed living space on your home allows you to take in these natural wonders at your convenience and leisure. However, if your home only features a screened-in porch, do you find that you can only comfortably relax outside from late spring through early fall? By converting your home’s screened in porch to a sunroom with glass panels, you add value and aesthetics to your home. You also get a remarkable and pleasing outdoor lounging space you can enjoy for most of the year.

PAsunrooms is Pennsylvania’s solution for crafting and installing custom sunrooms and outdoor living spaces, as well as converting existing patios into sunrooms for local homeowners to enjoy all year. Our friendly, helpful team of professionals understands your unique, evolving needs and expectations. We’ll work closely with you during a free in-home consultation to design personalized sunroom solutions to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Is It Possible to Turn a Screened-in Porch Into a Sunroom?

While your home’s screened-in porch room has provided a reliable outdoor living space to unwind in at the end of a long day or entertain guests, inclement weather may limit how often you can enjoy the space. If you wish to spend more time with family, entertaining guests or simply enjoying some peace and natural light year-round, a sunroom can provide you with a cozy outdoor sanctuary.

By replacing screens with durable glass, you can turn your screened-in porch into a stunning and comfortable sunroom. When contemplating a screened-in porch versus a sunroom, consider the following benefits a sunroom offers:

  • Temperature control: Temperature-controlled glass inserts let you enjoy your sunroom for three to four seasons of the year.
  • Furniture protection: A sunroom can protect your outdoor furnishings from inclement weather such as rain and snow.
  • Noise reduction: Sunrooms reduce noise so you can enjoy some peace and quiet any time of day.
  • Structural durability: Sunrooms are durable and require little maintenance. With a sunroom, you won’t have to fix unattractive, inconvenient screen holes or rips.
  • Pest and pollen control: Reduce exposure to irritants such as pests and pollen. While screened porches have small spaces that allow insects, animals and pollen to enter, a sunroom’s glass walls will keep these irritants out.
  • Abundant natural light: Natural light can boost your mood and overall health. Natural light exposure can reduce seasonal depression symptoms, provide vitamin D and improve sleep. A sunroom’s glass walls will give you plenty of opportunities to soak up some sunshine throughout the year, even when it’s chilly outside.
  • Additional space: Converting a screened porch into a sunroom can create extra space for you and your family. Protection from the elements lets you enjoy more hobbies throughout the year, entertain guests, buy some beautiful house plants or store more personal belongings.
  • Increased value: Adding a sunroom qualifies as a room addition, increasing your home’s real estate value.
  • Lower electric bill: A sunroom provides plenty of light for hours, even on cloudy days, letting you keep your home’s lights off more often to save money on your electric bill.

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How to Convert a Screened Porch Into a Sunroom

Before converting your screened porch into a sunroom, take time to consider the following sunroom options:

  • Glass roof: If you’re hoping to gain the full outdoor experience without rain, cold temperatures and other weather conditions, a full glass sunroom is the best choice for you.
  • Solid roof: A sunroom with a solid roof will give you access to the beauty of the outdoors within a cozy, homey space.
  • Conservatory: A conservatory is a beautiful enclosure that will appear as a natural extension of your home. Their all-glass design retains the sun’s light and heat, making them perfect for growing plants.
  • LifeRoom: A LifeRoom is a sunroom that serves as an additional living room with high-tech features such as sliding screens and full temperature controls.
  • Four-season: If you want to enjoy your sunroom all year, a temperature-controlled four-season sunroom will allow you to enjoy the space during all four seasons.

If your home already features a screened-in porch room, then converting your space into a four seasons room with glass panels is fast and simple. For many homes, most sunroom conversions can only accommodate a three-season room that you can enjoy during spring, summer and fall. However, if your screened-in porch was installed by a skilled company, then the construction may support a four-season conversion.

Once you choose the ideal sunroom to enhance your home, you can select a type of glass according to your needs. To choose the best glass for your sunroom, consider the following glass types:

  • Tempered glass: Tempered glass is stronger than other glass types, enabling it to withstand most violent storms. This glass option increases safety because it will break inward during impact rather than shattering.
  • Single pane glass: Single pane glass is a lower-price option that is quick to install and easy to replace.
  • Double pane glass: Double pane glass contains gas between two glass panels that will insulate your sunroom.
  • Triple pane glass: Triple pane glass contains gas between three glass layers for extra insulation.
  • Conservaglass Select: This exclusive glass features multi-coating for double-strength insulation and Stay-Clean technology. It allows natural light in and keeps UV rays and solar heat energy out. With quality heat transfer, it keeps warm air inside during the winter and blocks outside hot air during the summer. Conservaglass Select is the ideal glass type if you’re looking to install a four-season sunroom that you can enjoy all year long.

With the help of a professional sunroom conversion company, you can change your screened-in porch to a sunroom in a few days to weeks depending on your home and the current state of the structure. The PAsunroom team will check the framing and support of your existing porch structure, then remove the screening materials and replace them with quality, attractive glass panel inserts and doors. During your porch conversion project, you’ll benefit from superior construction methods and materials. You can also customize your space to suit your expectations with several glass type selections, glass tinting options or specialty features like a doggy door panel.

Turn Your Screen Room Into a Sunroom With PAsunrooms

When you’re ready to enjoy year-round outdoor comfort, consult with the professionals at PAsunrooms to explore your screened porch conversion options. We’re a family-owned and operated sunroom installation company with over 30 years of experience serving the residents of southcentral Pennsylvania throughout the Harrisburg and Lancaster areas.

To ensure we provide the highest-quality services and personalized sunroom solutions, we offer free in-home design consultations to explore your installation options and flexible financing plans. Visit our gallery to see how you can turn your screened-in porch into a beautiful, cozy sunroom. Call us at 717-564-2244 to speak to a team member, or complete our online contact form to request a free consultation.



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