With warm and peaceful summer weather, many homeowners are seeking solace on their outdoor decks and patios at the end of a long day or to entertain guests. But with rising temperatures, there’s also increased bug activity, divebombing into drinks, landing on food or just buzzing in your ear. Is living with mosquitos, flies and other pests just something to endure or is there a way to keep these unwanted visitors away? By adding a new, durable and attractive screened porch, you can maintain your outdoor views and environment as well as adding a barrier between yourself and the pests.

The high-quality and durable screened porches available today are crafted from lightweight extruded aluminum designed to protect against scratching, bleaching and corrosion; the screens are transparent so they don’t impede views and are rot- and insect-resistant. They protect against harmful UV exposure, rain and moisture, glares and extreme heat.

How to Keep Bugs Off Your Porch

If you already have a screened porch or have recently installed a high-quality screen, then why may bugs still be able to enter your porch area? Bugs can be resourceful little creatures and even the most practical and dependable porch screen enclosures may have a few weak spots you haven’t considered. Several problem areas where bugs may be entering are often due to construction factors and can include:

  • Porch Doors: With proper installation, bugs should only be able to enter through to the porch when the door is opened and closed. If your door has any gaps between it and the frame when closed, then it most likely wasn’t installed properly and bugs can squeeze in through those spaces. To prevent bug intrusion, consult a professional to make door adjustments.
  • Deck Gaps: If there are any vulnerabilities or gaps in your decking construction, you can bet those bugs will find them. Most wood decks are constructed with an 1/8” or 1/4” gap between boards and are the perfect sizes for bugs. There are three options you can consider to cover these gaps. For new structures, you can either use a non-traditional decking material like porch boards, which have a tongue and groove design that fit tightly together, or install a screen between the deck joists and the boards. If your deck is an existing structure, you can still install screen between the gaps, but it’s more time-intensive.
  • Soffits: On the underside of your home’s eaves, located under the gutters, your home has soffits. If the soffit is vented, insects could be crawling inside of your screened porch via these small holes. This can be easily fixed by adding screening to the soffit located around your porch.

Install a New Screened Porch Courtesy of PAsunrooms

Keep bugs away from your outdoor oasis with a durable and attractive screened porch from the professionals at PAsunrooms. We exclusively offer Four Seasons Sunrooms & Windows in a variety of styles and options to fit your daily needs and budget. For over 30 years we’ve prided ourselves on offering high-quality and beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces to enhance homes throughout Central Pennsylvania, including the Mechanicsburg, Elizabethtown and Lititz areas.

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