Adding a sunroom to your home can give you some much-needed space for storage, relaxation or social gatherings, and many people get even more out of these additions by making the sunroom a space for kids. A sunroom has the perfect open space to set up your child’s kitchen playset or model train set and keep other games and toys stored. If that sounds like a good option for your family, PAsunrooms has some ideas to make the perfect playroom sunroom for your kids.

Sunroom as a playroom

Making Your Sunroom Kid-Friendly

There are infinite ways you can decorate your sunroom to make it your child’s new favorite hideaway. A lot of these decisions are based on the style of your sunroom and the preferences of your children. However, we have a few ideas to get you started.


As with any room, you’ll want to add some decorations to liven the space up. If they’re old enough, try consulting with your kids to get their input! As it will end up being their area, ask them if there are any colors or themes they would like to include. This process can help you bond with your family and learn more about what your child wants.

If you’re on your own for decorating, think about including small items for accent colors, like a blanket or a chair. Many people find it challenging to decorate their sunroom since so much of the room is made up of windows. Take this time to get creative and choose some unexpected accents.

Comfortable Seating

If your new playroom sunroom isn’t already carpeted, you may want to think about purchasing some accent rugs to soften up the floor. Your kids will be spending a lot of time in this place, so make sure they’re comfortable. Make sure you have somewhere to sit too — you’ll likely be in here almost as much as they will.

Storage Solutions

With all the toys and games that will inevitably end up in this room, you’ll need some storage space to organize them. Cubbies are a popular option, as you can keep them on the ground at a level where your children can reach. Play around with a few storage options and see which ones work best for you.

Virtual Learning or Homeschooling Space

By their very nature, sunrooms are quiet solace away from the rest of the house. With that in mind, your sunroom could be the perfect place for a homeschool or virtual learning setup! It will provide kids with the quiet they need to focus and refreshing sunlight to keep them motivated. This sunroom idea is especially useful if you have kids sharing a bedroom who both need an area to do their work.


PAsunrooms Can Help You Make the Most of Your Space

For the most diverse choices in sunroom architecture, get the best from PAsunrooms. We’ve served Central Pennsylvania for over 30 years and will be happy to help you design a sunroom your whole family will love. Call us at 717-564-2244 for a free estimate or schedule online today!


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