Most pets relish the outdoors and the feeling of basking in the sun. If you don’t have the space for them to play outside or are worried about pests, a sunroom could offer a solution. 

A sunroom can serve as a cat porch enclosure and inspire dog patio ideas that will have your fur babies living their best lives indoors. Unique pets and reptiles will also benefit from a sunroom, and you can adorn it with pet-friendly plants and furniture to keep your pets entertained and comfortable.

Here are a few reasons you should consider a pet-friendly sunroom. 

Allow Your Pet to Enjoy the Outdoors Without the Nuisance of Bugs and Mud

A sunroom is a room or extension built onto your home that is meant to let in as much sunlight as possible while sheltering users from adverse weather conditions and the outdoors. 

Three-season sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors for three seasons, excluding winter. With four-season sunrooms, you get substantial protection against strong winds and rain during all four seasons. 

A sunroom allows your pet to experience sunlight and outdoor temperatures without being exposed to wind or pests like ticks and fleas. 

If you have a patio, you could consider a screen enclosure or cat solarium window to keep your pet secure inside. These aluminum cat patio enclosures protect you and your pet from insects, heat, rain and harsh UV sun rays. A dog-proof screened-in porch is ideal if your dog is alert to movement — you can see who’s approaching without letting your furry friend escape your dog-friendly sunroom. 

Turn an Outdoor Cat Into an Indoor Cat

Cats are natural hunters and often prefer being outside, where they can explore and stalk pests like mice and rodents. Unless your cat was kept inside from birth, they will probably find a way to escape the boundaries of your home. If you want to turn your outdoor cat into an indoor cat, a sunroom provides a great solution. 

A cat-friendly sunroom helps meet your outdoor cat’s needs and allows them to stay indoors without completely sacrificing the sunlight that they love. You can add the following items to the sunroom to increase its appeal to your cat:

  • Toys and snacks: Hide toys and snacks in the sunroom to keep them entertained.
  • Elevated posts: Cats like to climb. Strategically placing high scratch posts, bookshelves and perches will give them the thrill they seek from being outdoors. 
  • Physical barriers: Your cat may try to dash for the door every time it opens. You might initially have to place a baby pen in front of the door and be mindful of their attempts when you come in and go out. Shower them with attention to avoid them feeling abandoned. 

The transition from bold outdoor explorer to docile house cat is difficult for owners and pets alike. It takes patience. The best thing you can do is show affection and patience so that your cat remains entertained and feels loved. Having a haven to bathe in the sun or avoid the rain will help their transition to being an indoor cat.

Pet Furniture You Can Include in Your Sunroom

A sunroom provides a versatile space that you can enjoy with your family and guests. It can also be an exciting play or lounge area for your pet. They may end up spending most of their time there, so you might as well make it comfortable. Keep your pet happy by including items that they will use regularly, such as:

  • Food bowls: Having easy access to their food source will keep your pet in close proximity. 
  • Pet beds: Any time your pet gets tired, they can curl up on their bed and enjoy a nap in the shelter of the sunroom. 
  • Cat trees: Cat trees provide entertainment and a sleep spot for your furry friend. 
  • Enclosures: Pets like rabbits, hamsters or birds that need to be kept in cages or enclosures will feel like they’re in their natural habitat with all the light and sun exposure a sunroom offers.
  • Doggy door: A sunroom doggy door is a convenient way for dogs to access the house and sunroom. This sense of autonomy will offer your dog free rein to use the sunroom as they wish.

If your pet has everything they need in the sunroom, they’ll love spending time there! 

Unique Pets That Can Benefit From Living in a Sunroom

While we may have focused on cats and dogs in this article, there are many unique pets that can also enjoy everything a sunroom has to offer:

  • Reptiles: Iguanas and lizards are among the common reptilian pets that would benefit from direct exposure to the sun’s warmth and light in a tank placed in the sunroom.
  • Snakes: Snakes like moderate temperatures. A sunroom would provide an ideal balance to shield them from excessive sun and provide shade when necessary.
  • Turtles: Without artificial sources of UV light, turtles need a couple of hours of direct sunlight every day. A sunroom can help provide those UV rays. 
  • Hermit crabs: These pets will enjoy the humidity and sunlight from the comfort of their terrarium. 
  • Spiders: Although they prefer to hide under rocks and crevices away from light, spiders can be kept in a shadier part of the sunroom to make them feel at home. 
  • Fish: Fish make perfect pets since they’re easy to maintain. Placing an aquarium in a sunroom serves a dual purpose. It will catch the eye as a statement piece while the plants and fish enjoy the sun’s exposure. 

Pet-Friendly Plants You Can Include in Your Sunroom

You can add pet-friendly plants to your sunroom that won’t harm or tempt your four-legged pets to eat them. A few of these plants include:

  • Orchids: Orchids are among the most beautiful and common flower species in the world, boasting an array of attractive colors that will brighten up your sunroom on the gloomiest day.
  • Boston ferns: These ferns are usually hung. Their drooping, falling effect adds a forest-like feel to your sunroom. 
  • Spider plants: These plants sport this name for a reason. Their long, thick-based, narrow-tapered leaves resembling spider legs make them an interesting yet beautiful addition to your sunroom. 
  • Parlor palms: Ideal for growing indoors, this palm tree doesn’t grow too tall and may bear yellow flowers if exposed to sunlight consistently. 
  • Calathea orbifolia: This beautiful pot plant boasts big, luscious green leaves that will fit in well with your sunroom decor.
  • Gloxinias: The vibrant pops of pink, red, purple, white and blue will make your sunroom stand out against the gray backdrop on colder days. 
  • Venus flytraps: This unique, dual-purpose plant keeps your pets and pests at bay.
  • Polka dot plants: Polka dot plants are delightful and charming. They are pet-friendly and sure to have your guests gushing at their beauty. 

Give Your Pets a (Heart)Warming Experience With PAsunrooms

You want the best for your pet, and that means more than buying toys and other items that provide temporary satisfaction. Adding a sunroom offers a permanent safe space for pets to have close contact with the outdoors, in the comfort of the indoors. You also get to spend time together, bonding and relaxing — what more could you ask for?

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